Regular Brews:

Seventh Son American Strong Ale

A ruddy amber American Strong clocking in at 7.7% abv. Grapefruit and stone fruit hop aroma and character are balanced by a rich red malt backbone. A precise blend of 7 hops go into the brewing and dry hopping process including Nelson Sauvin, Mosaic, Horizon, Palisade, Citra, Willamette, & Columbus. From Flannery O'Connor to Iron Maiden the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is embedded in American culture as a powerful harbinger of good fortune; what better name for our flagship ale?

*Pairs well with strong flavors found in roasted meats and root vegetables and works well with Double Gloucester or other moderately aged cheeses.


Stone Fort Oat Brown Ale

A toasty brown ale with a round full mouthfeel and a pleasant 5.25% abv.   Stone Fort offers accessible English ale character and a smooth blend of light roast coffee, cocoa, leather and biscuit flavors. The Old Stone fort overlooks the Tuscarawas river in Coshocton county and constructed in 1679 is thought to be Ohio's oldest building; an appropriate name for a solid Brown ale with the hallmarks of this timeless style.

*Pairs well with smoked sausage and meats or grilled seafood; an aged gouda or crumbly Cheshire would make a fine cheese pairing


Humulus Nimbus Super Pale Ale


A pale golden ale that is both super crisp and super hop forward with a refreshing mouthfeel and a summer friendly 6% abv. Mosaic & simcoe hops lend a note of blueberry and fragrant pine to a pleasingly bitter dandelion finish. We wanted the hops to be the star in this flagship ale taking its name from both the hop plant, Humulus Lupulus, and its light color and cloud-like feel, nimbus.

*Pairs well with a wide range of foods from roast chicken to burgers to fish and chips, appropriate cheeses could range from a mild blue such as Gorgonzola to a traditional cheddar or Derby with Sage



  • Prime Swarm Saison
    Brewed with Tulip Poplar and Wildflower Honey from Honeyrun farms in Williamsport Ohio and fermented with three farmhouse yeast strains this dry as a bone saison also has a healthy 7.4% abv

  • Oubliette Imperial Stout
    Derived from the French word for forgetting, our Oubliette Imperial Stout is as black as the dungeon that shares its name. Expected cacao and espresso aromas give way to berries and dried stonefruit. Rich flavors of chocolate-covered raisins and faint char roll into a warming alcohol presence and lingering bitterness. 12%
  • Golden Ratio IPA
    A big nectarine, kiwi nose from Southern Hemisphere hops compliments fresh baked bread maltiness and leads into a sharp yet mellow bitter finish 7% abv
  • Glad Tidings
    We're sending you Glad Tidings from Columbus in the form of a lightly spiced, holiday inspired IPA. A festive over-indulgence of Citra, Cascade and Fuggle hops, thoughtfully combined with fresh ginger, coriander, and caramelized orange peel that leads to aromas of ginger snaps and bitter orange pith. It iscertain to fill all the Whos down in Whoville with holiday spirit.  So have a pint, because baby, it's cold outside. Pairs exceptionally well with fire-roasted chestnuts, gluttonous commercialism, roast beast, and Red Rider BB Guns. 6.4%

  • Thunderkissed Nimbus Coffee Pale Ale
    Our Humulus Nimbus Super Pale infused with a fruity light roast Papua New Guinea cold brew from local roaster Thunderkiss. 6% abv

  • Willowolf
    A deep orange double IPA that brings a powerful hop bouquet from large additions of Amarillo, Citra, and Centennial hops nectarine citrus flavor finishes pleasantly dry. 9.3%

  • Mr. Owl Double India Brown Ale
    Dark brown with a khaki head, cocoa-orange rind aroma, flavor profile includes milk chocolate and juicy citrus. Mr. Owl knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop. 8.8% abv, 75 IBU

  • Lost Sparrow Black IPA
    Dark as midnight and bracingly bitter yet smooth Lost Sparrow black IPA with notes of lemon and orange rind from extensive dry hopping with Sorachi Ace (6.3%)

  • Wilderman Autumn Farmhouse Ale
    Inspired by the last remnants of pagan Europe, our interpretation of the Bière de Garde style is malt forward, earthy and dry, with dried fruit and peppery yeast spice in the finish. In the spirit of Autumn and the harvest, we shall "wear such deliberate disguises, rat's coat, crowskin, crossed staves in a field behaving as the wind behaves." 7.8%abv

  • Mercury’s Wage Session Saison
    This Belgian-style farmhouse ale is intended to keep you company during these hot summer days. Its pleasing floral aroma comes from dry hopping with Centennial, Palisade and Willamette hops. 4.2%

  • Wuffles Session Ale
    Pale and refreshing, our American version of a classic English Bitter is the definition of drinkable. Delicate hops and golden malts give away to firm bitterness and clean finish. 4.5%

  • Mongrel Red Ale
    Red X is an experimental malt that adds unique fiery red color and full bodied flavor. We used Red X along with El Dorado, Amarillo and Simcoe hops for s nice citrus flavor and hoppy bite. 5.3%

  • Galloway Tale
    Taking it's name from a Robert Louis Stevenson poem this Scottish-style stout is rich with caramel and roast notes and a herbal, floral dry finish from the heather flowers used in the boil 6% abv

  • Arrowhead Nelson Farmhouse IPA
    Taking it's name from a little known Ohio folk legend, George "Arrowhead" Nelson, this farmhouse inspired IPA bursts with juicy white grape aroma and flavor due to copious amounts of Nelson Sauvin hops. Our blend of three Belgian yeast strains contribute a peppery dry finish

  • The Scientist IPA
    In the spirit of scientific inquiry we bring you an ever evolving IPA. Each batch will have a slight shift of one ingredient. One batch could have a small proportion of one malt swapped for another, the next batch may change the amount of a particular hop during the boil, a later batch may change out a hop variety entirely. Starting with a light bodied, hop forward IPA, we will take small intentional steps towards finding just the right balance of floral, citrus and tropical hop notes. For the foreseeable future, each time you taste this beer, it will be different from the last. 6.75% abv


  • Woodwolf Cherrywood and American Oak aged DBL IPA
    This deep bronze double IPA starts with large additions of Amarillo and Horizon hops in the kettle then settles back for several months of aging on Cherrywood and Oak. Following its time spent on wood we finished Woodwolf with a generous amount of Citra, Amarillo and Centennial in the dry hop.  Bitter citrus peaks out from behind a rich malt backdrop featuring faint vanilla and touches of classic American Oak. 

  • Ladies and Gentlemen Barleywine Style Ale
    Premium European malts, hops from New Zealand and the Yakima Valley, and house-made candi syrup combine in our golden version of an American barleywine. The nose is redolent of peach cake, lime blossoms and clementines; on the palate vanilla icing and juicy citrus meld with a firm bitterness. Ladies and Gentlemen, here’s to another great year! 11.0% ABV

  • Rookey Porter
    In 1814 there was a catastrophic flood in London. A massive wooden vat burst, spilling nearly 388,000 gallons of porter into the crowded "Rookery" neighborhood of St. Giles. Our porter starts with a deep roasty character thanks to a blend of three dark malts. A solid caramel midpalate is finished out with a crisp hop character thanks to Fuggles hops from the UK. 7.3% abv

  • Firecat Double Red Ale
    Firecat is a doubled-up version of our Mongrel red ale. Like its smaller kin, this beast has caramel and toasted malt flavors and an intense scarlet color derived entirely from one source -- a maltster's mistake called Red X. A savage amount of Amarillo, Simcoe, and El Dorado hops bring rolling layers of mandarin and fir, with a earthy, bitter finish. A hybrid of styles, rich and sweet meets bitter and biting, this single malt beer is like no other.  9.5%abv

  • Oast
    Takes its name from the old English structure for drying fresh hops after the harvest. Oast is a sessionable pale ale brewed with 30% oats. Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Galaxy and Simcoe provide layers of fruit such as mango, white grape and gooseberry, along with some bitter pine and spice. Very light bodied and crisp with a clean finish. 4.2% abv

  • Wee Beastie
    This wee heavy serves as an homage to highland Scotch whisky, a reference to a Robert Burns poem, and a tribute to mice felled by the brewery cat. It gains complexity from local raw honey (courtesy of Honeyrun Farms) and dried heather flowers. The heather adds a raspberry perfume to the nose and a vinous berry quality to the first sip. The finish is long and complex; caramel and light honey sweeten the faint smoke and toasty biscuit notes. 9% abv 

  • Ragana Yaga
    The hallucinatory legends of the Slavic forest witch, Baba Yaga, get a Baltic reinterpretation for this special bottle. The mellow roast and deep fruit flavors of our Baltic porter are enhanced with extra complexity by a long rest on birch and oak staves.

  • Syzygy Double IPA
     double IPA is an astronomical alignment of hop bitterness, flavor and aroma converging on your mouth, leaving your head in the stars. The flavor of sweet pine entwines with peach and mandarin before shifting into a dry finish with a lingering bitter bite.  Hard to pronounce, easy to enjoy. 10.9% abv

  • Chester Copperpot
    Ein rauchig doppelsticke Altbier. We enriched this double-strength old-school German-style ale with a blend of smoked malts and a light touch of noble dry hop. Rich, savory malt sweetness is balanced by a solid hop bitterness. Ich habe den Schlüssel zum Einäugigen Willy.

  • Plowshare
    A new entry into our farmhouse series, this saison has all the hallmarks of our summertime yeast blend, lots of pepper, fruit, and a dry spice finish. It gains extra complexity from a multigrain malt bill featuring barley, wheat, rye and oats, and a faint berry character due to mosaic and huell melon hops. 6%
  •  4x4 SMaSH

    Vienna malt provides a crisp toasty base for fifty-five pounds of mosaic hops. A super saturated nose of fruity hops gives way to a very mellow bitterness. 4.6% abv

  • Timelord Dry Irish Stout
    This dark, dry and tangy stout was brewed here in collaboration with our buds from Yellow Springs Brewery. Our version of the dry Irish stout incorporates a splash of soured wort to give it a refreshing twang. The roasty nose has hints of rich pipe tobacco and char.  3.5%abv

  • Soothsayer Stout
    This American stout combines a sweet dark chocolate character with a balancing spicy hop bitterness. Rich and decadent, this beer foretells the arrival of a future imperial stout. 7%abv

  • New Horizon Rye Strong Ale
    Brewed the day NASA finally made contact with lonely little ex-planet Pluto. Dry, biting, spicy rye malt combines with horizon hops to deliver notes of caramel, licorice, orange zest and dry grass. 7.1%

  • Don't Fence Me In SMaSH
    Vienna malt provides a crisp toasty base for fifty-five pounds of fruity, floral Palisade hops. A Palisade is a tall fence. Get it???  5.1% abv

  • La Petite Mort Tart Saison
    A session strength saison. In addition to the expected dry peppery bite, this quaffable beer is all the more enjoyable thanks to a blended in addition of sour ale. 4% abv

  • Bidendum American Stout
    Inspired by our building's past as a car garage, this bulbous stout adopts the name of a famous tire icon. Opaque black liquid capped with a sandy brown head supported by light carbonation. The mellow roast aroma leads into flavors of fruity dark chocolate, and despite low bitterness this beer doesn't finish overly sweet. 7% abv

  • Cicada Brett Pale Ale
    Named for the noisy harbingers of late summer, this pale ale was fermented with a blend of our house ale and funky brettanomyces yeasts. Citrus and pine roll into a dry minerality. 6.5% abv

  • Palindrome SMaSH
    Our newest hop exploration takes us into (relatively) uncharted territory with an experimental hop known only as HS #07270. The Vienna malt base is easily overshadowed by this aggressive new hop. A sweet fruity aroma composed of juicy pear, faint tropical notes and some citrus does an about face in the sip and ends up piney, earthy, resinous and bitingly bitter. 5% abv

  • Wild Hunt Barleywine
    Inspired by the myths, legends, and magic of the English countryside, this barleywine marks the transition from the exuberance of Summer to the hush of Autumn. Premium English malts lend a rich body, juicy cherry notes and a deep caramel complexity. Assertively hopped when fresh, this layered ale will continue to evolve for many years. 9.8% abv

  • Sun Mouth Saison
    This off-dry strong saison has a melange of fruit and spice flavors. Sorachi Ace and Citra hops bring dill and candied lemon while our blend of farmhouse Pyeast layer in white pepper spice. Pilsner and wheat malts lend a bready finish. 8% abv

  • Pincone SMaSH
    The Vienna malt base is easily overshadowed by the intense pine-needle character of Chinook hops. A citrus-laced evergreen aroma leads into an aggressively bitter, resinous finish. 4.7% abv

  • Laniakea Double IPA
    Loads of Galaxy and Mosaic hops dominate this hugely aromatic double named for the cosmic supercluster that is home to our own Milky Way. 9.5% abv

  • Oceania Double IPA
    Featuring hops exclusively grown in Australia and New Zealand, this golden IPA packs a bitter punch beneath layers of tropical fruit and citrus-spice.  Honeyed malts lend a sweet structure to the intensity of the hops. 9% abv

  • Winterborn Golden Brett
    Taking its name from a type of stream that only exists during the winter months, this dry golden ale is fermented entirely with the funky fruity Brettanomyces Claussenii yeast. This "wild" yeast gives the beer a dry minerality, a juicy pineapple aroma with faint leathery notes and a little clove-spice. 6.7% abv

  • Irene's Revenge Pale English Strong Ale
    This pale English strong ale is a slice of brewing history in which we used modern ingredients to replicate a recipe from 1806. Toasty pale malts combined with a judicious amount of East Kent Golding hops turn out a beer that's deep golden in color, crisp, with a bracing herbal bitterness. Aromas of almond, hay, and faint flowers in the nose meet nutty honey sweetness in the sip with a bitter grapefruit-pith finish. 8.1% abv

  • Brother Jon Belgian Blond Ale
    Hazy pale yellow with a frothy white head. Light aroma of flowers and spice. Crisp crackery malt flavors are cut through with lemony and spicy yeast character, finishes zesty, bitter and quenching. 6.3%

  • Goblin King Belgian IPA
    Citrusy hops meet Belgian yeast spice. Lets dance, dance magic dance, the stars look very different tonight, five years, that's all we've got, and he sang all night long, all night long. Oh how I sighed when they asked if I knew his name. RIP Bowie. 7.2%

  • Deuxiéme
    Originally intended as a second anniversary celebration, this complicated melange took several more months to finally see the light of day. We started with some of our very first batch of Ladies and Gentlemen American barleywine that had spent 18 months in a Watershed Distillery Bourbon Barrel Gin barrel. We then added in a proportion of fresh Seventh Son American Strong Ale, and then further dry hopped the whole blend with several pounds of Mosaic and Simcoe. Got all that? Oaky, fruity, herbal and caramelly. 9.9%

  • Proliferous Double IPA
    Mosaic and a cast of supporting hops give this DIPA layers of tropical fruit and citrus with a bracing pine bitterness in the finish. Light English crystal malts add honeyed sweetness and a rich golden color. 8.3%

  • Feral Brett Double IPA
    When you take a straight forward citra, cascade, simcoe heavy double IPA and ferment it entirely with Brettanomyces claussinni, things take a wild turn. With dry minerality and a hoppy bite, this unusual DIPA features a leathery funk, ripe pineapple and citrusy hops. 8.2%

  • Sonder Belgian Winter Ale
    A strong and toasty Belgian winter ale brewed with coriander, orange peel, and allspice to lend warmth to the coldest of Columbus winter months. 7.7%

  • Baphomet Tripel
    The demon Baphomet is at once a symbol of evil, a figurehead for truth, and -- perhaps most realistically -- a linguistic souvenir from the Crusades. Old world pilsner malts and classic Saaz hops are transformed by a blend of abbey yeasts, enhanced with galaxy hops, and bolstered with housemade candi syrup. Complex fruit and spice in the nose meets a zesty middle before finishing bitter and crisp. 10.2%

  • Abaddon Quad
    Abaddon is the angel of the abyss. He controls a plague of locusts that resemble horses with crowned human faces, women's hair, lions' teeth, wings, and scorpions' tails that torment anyone who does not have the seal of God on their foreheads. A rich, malt forward, monastically-inspired beer featuring flavors of dried fruit, bitter orange, white pepper, and an elegant port wine sweetness.  10%

  • Scorched Earth DIPA
    Brewed as a collaboration between us and Land Grant, this DIPA features a new hop variety called Caliente. Keeping with the theme we also included a decent proportion of agave nectar. Fruity and spicy with a lingering herbal bitterness. 8.3%

  • Goo Goo Muck Tart IPA
    A stab at a tart IPA. Light acidity helps classic American hops pop. Seventh Son pub exclusive. 7.6

  • Dimple & Curl Smoked Porter
    Our first pub exclusive experimental beer. Classic roasty porter brewed with a healthy addition of smoked malt. 6%

  • Smooth Pursuit Smoked Blonde Ale
    A crisp and quenching blonde ale brewed with 100% smoked malt. You can't always trust your eyes. Seventh Son bar exclusive.  5.5%

  • Hadron's Collision Table Beer
    Light cantaloupe aroma and flavors arrive courtesy of the singular Huell Melon hops. 3.4%


  • An Ale of Two Cities
    Our first collaboration beer, brewed with Brad from Jackie O's. This double IPA's huge tropical aroma comes from an irresponsible amount of Eldorado, Citra, Galaxy and Mosaic Hops. 8.53%
  • Clamps and Gaskets
    A kitchen-sink blend of various malts and hops found laying around the brewery lead to this unrepeatable dark ale. Light roast, sweet caramel and bitter spice. We have no idea what this beer is, enjoy!
  • Wysss Witbier
    Wysss is a witbier born from a collaboration between the brewers at Yellow Springs Brewery and Seventh Son Brewing Co. This beer has a deceptively complex aroma due to the inclusion of coriander, cardamom, citrus peels and an unorthodox American dry hop. These bright aromas and flavors roll into a rich malty middle followed by a very crisp, clean, dry finish. 5.1% abv
  • Summer Farmhouse Ale
    This Amber ale has a generous amount of spicy and floral  Willammette hops balanced  by  crystal malt that hints at sweetness  until finishing characteristically dry from our breweries farmhouse yeast 6.4%

  • Spring Sheep Stout
    A 5% abv session version of our regular Black Sheep Robust Stout brewed especially for the onset of patio season. Dry hopped with Northern brewer and Willamette for a unique aroma, with flavors of dark unsweetened bakers chocolate fading into a lingering carob and licorice finish.

  • OYO Bourbon Barrel Brown Ale
    An imperial version of our Stone Fort Oat Brown. Aromas of roasted coffee and cocoa, leather and biscuit flavors with warm toasted bourbon and oak notes from aging in OYO Bourbon Barrels. 8% abv

  • Seventh Son Urban Cowboy Belgian Stout
    Collaboration brew that blends Seventh Son house yeast, hops, malts and water with Rockmill's Belgian yeast strain. Deep, dark, complex and delicious. 8.0%

  • Seven Fists of Deth
    This Belgian style double IPA is a collaboration between our brewers and Josh Deth, owner of Revolution Brewing from Chicago. We combined their Belgian yeast strain, loads of juicy hops and our housemade candi sugar. The result is a pale copper beer with orange rind, spice and funk in the nose. The flavor follows suit, with a complex bitter honey finish. 9.45%

  • Stone Rabbit
    Our Stone Fort Oat Brown provides a toasty backbone for this excursion into a land of pleasant tropical dry hopping 5.25%