2016 Review & Update on Future Projects

2016 has been another great year for Seventh Son. As you know we were able to purchase our current property last summer.  Then, last April, thanks to persistent discussions with the owner, we were able to purchase the empty lot directly behind the brewery.  Since that time we have been working on plans to expand production, enhance the bar experience, and increase event space capacity and usability. Here are the specs and some plan drawings of the new spaces:

Expansion of existing Seventh Son space: 

  • 16,000 sqft beer production space
  • 2,000 sqft rooftop patio/bar space
  • 2,000 sqft auxiliary bathrooms/elevator/office/lab- 
  • 2,000 sqft New 30bbl three vessel brew house
  • New canning line
  • Bar: The idea for the roof top patio was to have an "outdoor" space we could use most of the year. The rooftop patio will have a retractable glass roof and windows on one side that look out onto 4th st. and windows on the other side that look down onto the new production floor.  The current event space will remain with windows that look out into the new brewery.  We anticipate the new construction to begin January 2017 and conclude fall of 2017.  The new construction will not impact the current space and we should not experience any closures or down time of the existing brewery or bar.

Additional Improvements:

In addition to these changes we will have a quality control lab and offices on the second floor above our current event space.  We will also have two silos.  One for spent grain which will allow the farmer to drive up in the alley, park under the silo, and drop the used grain straight into his truck.  The other silo will hold base malt grain. We are also adding 30 bike parking spaces along 4th Ave. 

Antiques on High

Antiques on High will be located at 716 S. High Street in the Brewery District.

Antiques on High will be located at 716 S. High Street in the Brewery District.

Interior drawing of our newest project, Antiques on High.

We are also opening a second bar/brewery/blending project in 2017.  This bar is located on south high street across from the Grange Insurance building 716 S. High Street in the Brewery District.  This new bar will specialize in Sour/Wild and Belgian style beers.  This will be a small facility primarily devoted to barrel aging, fermentation, and blending with a bar area open to the public.   

The space, which for years housed an antique mall, will be called Antiques on High since we will be specializing in some of the original/antique styles of brewing and blending that date back centuries to classic Belgian methods that American craft brewersare now reviving. Antiques on High will also feature a large roof top patio that overlooks the park next to the Grange building.  The new space will be serviced by a food truck like Seventh Son and will feature a small patio directly on High Street and a larger patio in the back in addition to the rooftop patio. 

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